Safety Truck

Safety truck

Samsung presents Safety Truck: a project that will revolutionize road safety on Argentine routes.

In a country with hundreds of single-lane routes, Samsung developed a truck technology that will prevent traffic accidents in situations of overpass.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - In Argentina, many accidents occur on routes and particularly, in situtions of overstep. With this in mind, Samsung developed, together with a team of local companies, a truck technology that not only seeks to enrich people's lives through innovation, but this time the goal is more ambitious: Save lives.

How does it work?

The Samsung Safety Truck has two cameras built into the front of the truck, connected to a Video-Wall with 4 outdoor screens located at the rear of the truck. The cameras capture what happens in front of the truck and thanks to software specially developed by the Ingematica company, the vehicles behind it can see it in real size and thus make the decision to get ahead (or not) in the safest way possible.

Another advantage of the Samsung Safety Truck is to help eliminate the risk of accidents due to an untimely braking of the truck due to another accident en route or by crossing an animal.

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